Hunt Management helping communities thrive since 1982.

I am a long-time member of my condominium association’s board of directors. Throughout my tenure, Hunt Management, Inc. has served as its management company. Based on my personal experience with Hunt Management, I am a huge fan. Jeff Hunt’s knowledge of the ever-changing issues facing condominiums and the resources available to address those issues is priceless. The company is always and timely responsive to our association’s demands. And it has the expertise to address maintenance, financial and governance issues. I have only positive things to say about Jeff Hunt and Hunt Management.

Debra Slater

Concord place condominium Association

Hunt Management has managed our condo association since 2006 and I think they’ve done an outstanding job of responding to and handling our needs. I am particularly impressed with our current manager, who is always polite and professional when dealing with concerns or complaints from homeowners. Hiring Hunt Management made things a lot easier for our board members, who previously handled owner matters and the various contracts necessary to maintaining our association. Thank you for a job well done, Hunt Management!

Georganne Dixon

Hunter’s Ridge condominium Association

I have lived in the Lakes of Ville Du Parc for the last eight years, three of which I have been the president of the association. During those eight years I have found that Hunt Management and specifically Terry Handel have always conducted their selves in the utmost professional manner. Mr. Handel seems to know each and every one of our 90 member families and treats them exceptionally well. The services provided both by their own forces and their subcontractors meet or exceed our expectations.

John Mann

President, The Lakes of Ville Du Parc condominium Association

As a board member at Cedar Gables, I can always count on our Hunt Management representative to have an answer in the meetings to most any question that comes up. On those rare occasions when he doesn’t know, he finds the answer and communicates with us quickly. He always takes the emotion out of discussions as we try to resolve issues. I really appreciate both his knowledge and demeanor.

Peggy Tracy 

Secretary, Cedar Gables Condominium Association

In 1994, the Northpoint Townhouses Condominium Association Board of Directors selected Hunt Management as the managing agent of the Association. Hunt Management has served our Association ever since. As the Board President for the last several years, I have appreciated the guidance Hunt Management has provided me. Our manager has always remained professional and courteous while providing valuable advice to the Board of Directors so that we could make informed, and sometimes difficult decisions.

Jason Husslein

President, Northpoint Townhouses Condominium Association

Hunt Management took over the management of Whitnall Park Terrace Condominiums in May of 1993, shortly after the completion of the project. We have 33 two family buildings with a total of 66 living units in our project. Hunt’s representative has taken strides to ensure that the buildings have been maintained in a pristine condition, new roofs have been put on and annual schedules are followed for cleaning and staining the buildings. Annual walk throughs are used to set schedules for concrete and asphalt maintenance and repair and also landscape and plant maintenance and replacement. Such things as distressed or dying trees and plants are removed before they become a problem. Through hard work, and with the help of Hunt’s management team, we have been able to build our total reserves to nine months’ worth of condo fees, which puts us on solid financial standings. I would strongly recommend Hunt Management to any association looking to improve the quality of their buildings, the aesthetics of their landscape and their financial stability.

James Bartnicki

President, Whitnall Park Terrace Condominium Association