Administrative Services

The Hunt Management staff and resources are available when you need them. We're up to speed and ready to help.

As managing agent, Hunt management will serve the Board of Directors and Owners as Agent, Consultant and overall Administrator of the Association. On behalf of the Board we will communicate with the Owners, enforce the Rules, maintain Association records, coordinate Board and Annual Meetings, procure insurance, and more.

Serve the Board of Directors as agent, consultant and overall administrator of the association

  • Draw upon our own expertise and/or secure the appropriate counsel to ensure that the Board is kept properly advised and informed toward discharging its responsibilities as executive governing body.
  • Serve to buffer the Board from day-to-day communication with the ‘Owners’ and their respective concerns, questions, comments, etc
  • Represent the Board in it’s dealings with the Owners, employees, contractors, vendors, governmental bodies and agencies, legal counsel, accountant, etc.
  • Overall, administer the day-to-day affairs of the Association toward the development and maintenance of a truly ‘executive’ Board of Directors.

Receive and effectively respond to all Owner requests, questions, comments and concerns

  • Promptly and effectively address owner requests for documents, information and general advice
  • Promptly process properly reported complaints and violations of the Rules and Regulations in accordance with Board prescribed policies, i.e.:
  • Immediate action by Management
  • Referring the matter to the appropriate authority or committee
  • Assisting authority or committee in reviewing and hearing complaints and appeals
  • Acting on behalf of authority or committee to file complaints, issue sanctions, and take appropriate action toward ultimate resolution

Receive and promptly address requests from real estate agents, lenders, appraisers and attorneys

  • Answer questions regarding owner occupancy, association financial status and structure, budget expense inclusions and forthcoming capital improvements.
  • Provide pre-sale assessment account status verifications, questionnaires and forms.
  • Provide copies of Association Governing Documents.

Keep and maintain all Association records

  • Amass and maintain a complete set of records for the Association, i.e.:
  • Association Governing Documents
  • Service and employment contracts
  • Unit Owner/tenant register and related correspondence
  • Financial records, etc.
  • Financial statements and tax records
  • Meeting Minutes, general Association correspondence, etc.
  • Serve as the single source of information and documentation distribution for Association

Assist in the development, refinement and amendment of Association Governing Documents

  • Develop or refine Rules & Regulations, Policies & Procedures, Owner Information Handbook, etc.
  • Amend the Declaration, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation

Coordinate and contribute to all meetings of the Board and Association

  • Prepare agendas and distribute timely notices
  • Participate in and present management reports at Meetings
  • Reproduce and distribute Meeting Minutes

Assist in the publication and distribution of all ‘mass’ mailings, i.e.:

  • Meeting Notices
  • Budgets and Financial Statements
  • General information and Newsletters

Assist in maintaining appropriate Insurance and coordinate all claims

  • Secure annual bids for the most complete and cost efficient coverage available
  • Coordinate any and all claims toward prompt resolution and payment
  • Recommend and implement potential loss reduction measures